Waterford Whisky - St Patrick's Day Offer


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with the true spirit of Ireland! Explore Waterford Whisky’s terroir-driven single malts.

One of the newcomers to the Irish whisky scene, in the few years they’ve been around Waterford Whisky have certainly made their mark among premium Irish single malts.

For those of you who are single malt aficionados here’s a great opportunity to give them a try. We’ve got some eye-catching price reductions across our range which we’ll be running until the end of March – specially timed to coincide with St Patrick’s Day.

Mark Reynier, previously of Islay’s famous Bruichladdich, founded Waterford Distillery in Ireland back in 2015. Interestingly, they took an old Guinness brewery and turned it into a whiskey-making powerhouse! Waterford is all about showcasing local barley and the impact of terroir – that's the idea that the land where something's grown affects its flavour. Reynier works closely with Irish farmers to produce ‘Single Farm Origin’ whiskeys, proving how unique each farm's barley can be. They first released these in 2020. Waterford also made history with their Arcadian Gaia whisky - the first-ever certified organic Irish single malt!

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