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Serious quality from the windswept Schapenberg

Searching for the right spot
In the 20 years since things got off the ground, Waterkloof hasn’t taken long to establish itself as a producer of seriously respectable organic and biodynamic wines. Located high up on the windswept Schapenberg, overlooking False Bay and the Atlantic, this estate occupies one of the coolest sites in the Stellenbosch region. This unique position not only offers breathtaking views but also provides an ideal microclimate for viticulture, a crucial factor in the pursuit of producing wines with a defining sense of origin.

The creation of Waterkloof was the culmination of several years of searching by Paul Boutinot, a significant figure in the UK wine trade. His objective was to find a place where he could produce truly fine wine with a distinctive character. The Schapenberg, with its maritime influences and diverse soils, offered just that. The vineyards, perched high above sea level, benefit from the cooling Atlantic breezes, which moderate temperatures and extend the growing season, allowing for the slow ripening of grapes and the development of complex flavours.

Care for the Environment
From the outset, Waterkloof has been a model of environmental stewardship. The emphasis here is firmly on soil health, biodiversity, and minimal intervention. Paul’s vision has always been about more than just making wine; it’s about creating a sustainable ecosystem where the vines can thrive naturally. This approach has earned Waterkloof a reputation for producing wines of great complexity and elegance.

These days, while Paul is technically retired, he remains closely involved with the estate, working alongside his son Louis, who serves as export manager. The duo is complemented by cellarmaster Nadia Langenegger, whose skill and expertise shine through in every bottle produced. Nadia’s approach in the cellar is one of minimal intervention, allowing the unique characteristics of the vineyard to express themselves fully. The use of indigenous yeasts, careful oak aging, and gentle handling of the wine ensures that each cuvée retains its sense of place and purity.

Plenty of Bang for your Buck
At Waterkloof, there’s a range of wines that reflect the diversity and potential of their terroir. For a long time, we’ve carried an extensive selection of their offerings, and for good reason. The quality-price ratio is hard to match. Their entry-level Circle of Life blends are vibrant, fresh, and immensely drinkable while at the other end of the spectrum, their flagship Boreas is a superlative Cabernet Franc-based red blend, produced only in years when the quality of fruit meets their exacting standards. Boreas is a wine of remarkable depth and structure, with layers of dark fruit, fine tannins, a long, elegant finish and is a testament to meticulous vineyard practices and skilled winemaking.

Their journey from a windswept hilltop to a respected name in the wine world is a testament to the vision and dedication of Paul Boutinot and the team around him.

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