Wine of the Month, February 2024

Bodegas Altolandon
'Enblanco de Altolandon' 2021

£15.50 + 100 bonus loyalty points

This month’s pick for our Wine of the Month is an ‘Orange’ wine. What exactly is that I hear you ask. Well, it’s a style of white wine which is typically full and well rounded, with plenty of flavour and a bit more tannin than usual. On the whole, they’re great food wines, as this one certainly is.

How do you make an ‘Orange’ wine? Essentially by fermenting it as if it were a red. That means leaving the skins and pips with the juice for a while to extract extra colour, flavour and character. Enblanco is a great example of this increasingly popular style. It’s great with food, but also light enough to make a great aperitif as well. And if you’ve yet to try an Orange Wine this is one we’d thoroughly recommend.

From Friday 26th January and through the month of February it's available at just £15.50 together with a bonus 100 loyalty points for each bottle purchased (worth £1.00 on redemption)

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