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Garage Wine Co


In Chile a lot of the wines are made by large family owned or multinational companies. One of the benefits is that in general standards are high and the costs are not - Chilean wine is, rightly, known for being on the whole good value. However with this mass production some of the charm and personality of the wine can be lost. Step forward the Garage Wine Co.

Started "with the idea of making wine on a small scale, by hand with the family." Derek doesn't own the vineyards but instead works with small, independent growers and currently makes wine from around 12 parcels of vines of about 1 to 1 1/2 acres each with each small bottling of only 2500-7500 bottles given a 'Lot' number. In fact each bottle has a hand written number (now stamped as the occasional number was missed and you got the odd #154b and c!). Each vineyard's name is printed on the bottle, so they don't make a 'Garage Wine Co Cabernet Sauvignon' but instead there is a Garage Wine Co Renacido Vineyard Maule Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Lot #64.

These wines have quickly gained a cult following and we're proud to have them on our shelves. 2018 - No More Ordinary