Wine of the Month, May 2023

Leme Vinho Verde, 2021
Loureiro Alvarinho


£13.50 + 100 bonus loyalty points

A characteristically bright Vinho Verde with a hint of spritz which really brings out its zingy citrus and ripe stone fruit flavours.

We're looking forwards to longer days and more chances for alfresco dining and drinking with May's Wine of the Month by choosing this superior Vinho Verde. If you're after something properly light and refreshing then this is just the thing. It has a pleasingly modest ABV of 11.5% and like all good Vinho Verde it's got a tiny little sparkle you'll feel on the tongue making it deliciously nimble and lively.

It's a lovely quaffing wine for a sunny afternoon with a depth of flavour which makes it more than just a simple glugger.

Vinho Verde comes from the northernmost part of Portugal along the Atlantic coast just south of the Spanish border. This is a lush and rainy region known as the Costa Verde from which the wine takes its name (and the fact that it's meant for consumption young and 'green' may have something to do with it). For many years the output of the area was purely for local consumption and was made on a somewhat artisanal basis. It wasn't until the growth of holiday travel in the sixties and seventies when tourists discovered and acquired a taste for their distinctively spritzy nature that they first ventured abroad.

With a thriving international market the standard of winemaking and viticulture has risen rapidly and whilst there are a lot of cheap and cheerful gluggers to be had there are also a growing number combining more depth of flavour and character with the essential liveliness for which it gained its name.

Leme is a natural with seafood, but also consider pairing it with spicier fare where its refreshing nature balances the heat of curries and Mexican food brilliantly. If you're new to Vinho Verde this is a great chance to grab a bottle or two for when you're next relaxing or socializing with friends.

Starting on Friday 28th April and throughout May it's available at £13.50 per bottle singly, or as part of a Mixed Six and for every bottle purchased you'll earn a bonus 100 loyalty points as well (that's worth £1.00 on redemption)

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