Pinot Grigio - A Real Crowd Pleaser


Light, refreshing, and easy-drinking what's not to like?

There's a reason Pinot Grigio is so popular - it's just very easy to like. Crisp, dry, and super versatile, it's the kind of wine you can always count on. Known as Pinot Gris in France and most other places, but it’s under its Italian ‘Grigio’ moniker that this style has really made its name and reputation for deliciousness.

For World Pinot Grigio day, we're keeping it simple and affordable with two delightful Italians - a classic white and a fun rosé (yes, Pinot Grigio does pink too).

Classic Veneto Style, No Fuss
First up, a textbook Pinot Grigio from the Veneto. Ripe fruit gives it a little extra oomph, but it's still got that zingy citrus and apple thing going on.

Pink, Pretty, and Perfect
Something super summery? The second of our pair is a gorgeous pale pink rosé. The smidgeon of red grapes in the blend adds the colour and some ripe cherry notes. This has got major "sitting in the sun with friends" vibes.

A Dream Team
We've bundled these gems into a 'Duo Pack' to show what Pinot Grigio does best. Whether you're in the mood for classic white or something a little flirtier, this pair proves just how enjoyable – and wallet-friendly Italian Pinot Grigio can be.

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