Alcohol Free Wines

It has become obvious over the past few years that consumers are drinking lower-alcohol wines and sometimes even opting for the non-alcoholic alternative.

The low and no-alcohol alternative drinks took off first in the beer sector. This is shown in the number of low or no-alcohol beers we currently stock. But recently we have seen an increased interest from customers for low or no-alcohol alternatives for wines. Customers that may prefer to drink wine normally, want a similar product that is alcohol-free to drink. Whether that be for whatever reason, such as driving, health or just personal preference. Fortunately, the number of producers making non-alcoholic wines has increased in response to this demand.

Thomson & Scott first burst onto the scene in 2019, after being founded by Amanda Thomson. She understood the demand for non-alcoholic alternatives so started working hard to produce premium sparkling and still de-alcoholised wines that were just as high in quality as other alcoholic wines.

Currently from Thomson & Scott we stock three of their non-alcoholic wines: Sparkling Chardonnay, Sparkling Rose, and the De-Alcoholised Rouge. Ranging in price from £9.50 up to £11.00, these are a very affordable alternative to buy. And because the wines are made in the normal process with the alcohol being removed only at the end of the process, I think many would be hard pushed to detect the difference from similar alcoholic wines.

Sparkling Chardonnay
An elegant, fresh alcohol-free sparkling chardonnay, with ripe fruit flavours, from Southern Spain.
Sparkling Rosé
A classic pale alcohol-free sparkling rose, with red fruit flavours, from Southern Spain.
De-Alcoholised Rouge
A well-balanced alcohol-free red wine, full of ripe red fruit flavours, from Darling, South Africa.

Torres are a highly respected producer and their skill at winemaking is certainly evident here.

Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Rosé
OK,it's a de-alcoholised wine (less than 0.5%), but for all that it has plenty of crisp and bright rosé character. Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah it's lively fruit aromas give it plenty of zing. A high quality de-alcoholised Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon blend with delicate flavours of red fruits.

Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Red
OK,it's a de-alcoholised wine (less than 0.5%), but for all that it's a fresh, clean and bright red made from Syrah with lively fruit aromas and a touch of smooth tannins to give it structure. A high quality de-alcoholised Garnacha-Syrah blend with flavours of blackberries and spice.

Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised White
OK,it's a de-alcoholised wine (less than 0.5%), but for all that it's a fresh and fruit filled white made from Muscat de Alejandria grapes which gives it a plump and rounded grapey flavour. A high quality de-alcoholised wine made from 100% Muscat of Alexandria grapes.

Walt Lo 0.5% Low Alcohol Riesling NV
It is incredibly hard to find a no/low or dealcoholised wine that actually tastes like wine. Here Walt Lo Riesling has succeeded! There is real Riesling typicity with citrus and yellow stone fruit flavours, crisp minerally notes and even those classic subtle petrol touches. Crisp, clean and vibrant on the palate with well balanced, mouthwatering acidity.

Drink as an aperitif, with shellfish and seafood, salads and white meat.

Dr Lo Alcohol Free Sparkling Riesling NV
Finding any an alcohol free sparkling wine, or any alcohol free wine for that matter, that satisfyingly tastes like wine is hard, but here legendary German winery Dr Loosen has triumphed! Tasted blind it would be hard to tell if this was alcohol free or had a typically Mosel Valley-like sub-10% abv level. On the palate fresh and vibrant bubbles with flavours that are classically Riesling. Citrus and tropical fruit notes with subtle touches of petrol and exotic spice held together by really characteristic crisp acidity.

Great as an aperitif, though will work well with shellfish and sushi.

Alcohol Free Wines