Curious Case April 2024, Riches of the Rhône


The Rhône Valley: A Treasure Trove of French Wine

For any wine enthusiast, the Rhône Valley holds a special allure. This vast region, stretching from the cool slopes of Vienne down to the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean, cradles some of France's most famous appellations and beloved grapes. With its diversity of landscapes and its long, rich history, the Rhône offers a captivating exploration of French wine at its most varied.

And what better way to delve into these riches than with our 'Riches of the Rhône' Curious case? This carefully curated selection showcases the breadth and depth of Rhône Valley wines, offering a tantalising journey from north to south, all at a price that makes exploring this iconic region surprisingly accessible.

The Reds:
Let's begin with the reds, the heart and soul of the Rhône. Firstly a Côtes-du-Rhône Villages sets the stage with its blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre – the holy trinity of the Southern Rhône. Expect ripe blackberries, a touch of spice, and those characteristic hints of wild herbs known as 'garrigue'. Going further north we’ve a pure expression of Syrah, the noble grape of the Northern Rhône. Here, you'll find darker fruit, a touch of smoke, and a firm, peppery backbone indicative of the region's cooler climes. And thirdly a taste of the Rhône's lesser-known gems, a rich, satisfying red with a rustic charm that's sure to pleasantly surprise.

The Whites:
The Rhône isn't just about reds. Our 'Riches of the Rhône' case includes three superb whites, showcasing the region's impressive diversity. First up is a delightful blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, and Roussanne – expect a generous texture with ripe stone fruit and a touch of honeysuckle. Then from close to sun-kissed Provence comes a blend buzzing with fresh citrus and a hint of minerality. And finally for a taste of the cooler climes further up the valley we’ve got a classic Viognier offering a racy acidity balanced by notes of pear and white flowers.

So, whether you're a seasoned Rhône aficionado or just starting to explore this fascinating region, the 'Riches of the Rhône' case offers tremendous value and an unforgettable tasting experience. After all, a journey through the Rhône should be an absolute pleasure – not simply a financial indulgence.

£90.00 per case
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What's in it?
As usual the contents of The Curious Case remain a mystery until the end of the month. Nonetheless, we would like to offer some tantalizing hints to whet your appetite and ignite your inquisitive spirit. Are you curious?

#1 Cotes du Rhone Villages 'Les Coteaux', Domaine Boutinot 2022 - A lively, fruit filled and spicy Côtes du Rhône Villages red

#2 Jean-Luc Colombo 'Les Collines de Laure' Syrah 2018 - A ripe, juicy and easy drinking unoaked Syrah

#3 Lirac, Moulin des Chenes 2021 - A velvety and silky, classic southern Rhône red blend

#4 La Fleur Solitaire Cotes du Rhone Blanc, Domaine Boutinot 2022 - Fresh and medium-bodied white Côtes du Rhône with a nose that is pretty and delicate

#5 Chateau Mourgues du Gres 'Galets Dores' Blanc 2023 - A fruity, fresh and mineral white blend from near Nîmes

#6 Domaine du Monteillet 'Les Hauts du Monteillet' Blanc 2022 - A delightful Viognier made by one of the northern Rhône's masters

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