Wine of the Month - March 2021


Keep an eye out, at the end of the month we will be holding a virtual wine tasting that includes this Savatiano, along with two other wines chosen by yours truly. More details about this tasting will be coming out shortly.

For March's Wine of the Month, our in house team of wine experts have picked a small production, high altitude, old vine Savatiano from central Greece.

The lowdown: Started in 2015 by Vassiliki Akriotou and a small vineyard at approaching 1000ft above sea level with 40-60-year-old native Savatiano vines. Cold winters and humid summers all help to create a rounded, complex yet approachable wine. A true reflection of the Savatiano grape, and hard work.

When to drink: Slightly aromatic on the nose with ripe stone fruit aromas lead onto a dry, crisp and fresh palate herby and earthy notes.


In 2015, Vassiliki Akriotou an oenologist who had worked extensively in the wineries of central Greece since 1997 created her first range of wines from a micro-winery in the historic region of Plataea in the heart of Greece about 50km north-west of Athens. The vineyards are situated among the snow-capped mountains at altitudes of 280 to 380 metres above sea level. They have north and northeast aspect and the climate of the area is characterised by cold winters and cooler summers than many other parts of the country.

White plantings are indigenous Greek varieties such as Savatiano, Assyrtiko and Malagouzia while red varieties are more international and include Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Saviatano vines are between 40 to 60 years old, the remainder being in the 10-12-year-old range. The wine themselves are bottled under the label Orivatis, which translates as 'the Mountaineer'.