The A to Z of Wine - Grape Varieties

We're working our way through the alphabet looking at the different grape varieties starting with each letter. Follow us on our journey from A to Z learning about 28 different grape varieties along the way.

A is for Albarino

"Spanish name of the distinctive, aromatic, high-quality vine grown in Galicia (and as Alvarinho in the north of Portugal's Vinho Verde region)" - Jancis Robinson

Now widely exported you can find Albarino's from Australia, France, New Zealand, Uruguay and the USA.

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B is for Bacchus

"bred from a Silvaner×Riesling cross and the lacklustre müller-thurgau" - Jancis Robinson

Bacchus is the second most planted white grape in the UK, working well because of our lower yields and naturally higher acidity levels.

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C is for Chardonnay

"In its Burgundian homeland, Chardonnay has for long been the sole vine responsible for all of the finest white burgundy." - Jancis Robinson

Chardonnay is well know within the wine community, however, the name Chardonnay itself has become some what of a brand, with many not realising that it is actually a white grape variety. It is a grape variety loved by wine makers due to its reliability and malleability.

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D is for Dornfelder

"the most popular German cross, bred in 1956 by August Herold" - Jancis Robinson

The wine is notable for its depth of colour, its good acidity, and in some cases, its ability to benefit from barrique ageing and even to develop in bottle.

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