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Florentine nobility that's become a powerhouse of tradition and innovation.

Tuscan nobility that commands respect
Antinori’s roots run deep in Tuscan soil, tracing back to the 14th century, and their influence stretches far beyond the borders of their homeland. Today, they are one of Italy's most significant producers, with a network of estates spanning the country and reaching into the New World.

At the heart of Antinori's success is a profound respect for tradition, combined with a steady pursuit of innovation. These aspects are evident in their wines, which range from classic Chianti Classico to groundbreaking Super Tuscans that have redefined the boudaries of Italian viticulture.

The modern era of Antinori began in 1966, when Piero and Niccolò Antinori took over the family business. Their leadership ushered in a period of growth and experimentation, marked by a commitment to quality at every level. Their focus on excellence has been a cornerstone of their success, earning them a reputation for producing consistently overperforming wines across the price spectrum.

Introducing the 'Super Tuscans'
One of Antinori's most enduring legacies is their role in the creation of the Super Tuscan category. In the 1970s, they challenged the established norms of Chianti production by introducing Cabernet Sauvignon into the blend, resulting in Tignanello, a wine that would go on to become an icon. This bold move not only demonstrated the potential of international varieties in Tuscany but also opened up new horizons for Italian winemaking.

Over the years, Antinori's expansion has been both strategic and thoughtful. They have acquired prestigious estates up and down Italy from Piedmont to Puglia, showcasing the diversity of Italy's terroir. Their international reach extends to Chile and California, where they have established vineyards that produce wines with a distinct sense of place.

A fine and impressive range
While Antinori's portfolio encompasses a wide range of styles to suit most pockets, their most celebrated wines tend to be those at the premium end. Tignanello remains a benchmark for Super Tuscans, its complexity and elegance a testament to the family's winemaking prowess. Meanwhile, Vigneto Santa Pia from their La Braccesca estate exemplifies the power and finesse of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. And from their Maremma property, Le Mortelle, comes Poggio alle Nane, a Cabernet Franc-dominant blend that captures the unique character of this coastal region.

These, just three from their impressive line-up, are a showcase of Antinori's expertise in both traditional and innovative winemaking, and, in their different ways, demonstrate the depth and breadth of their offerings. Whether it's pushing the boundaries of Tuscan viticulture or paying homage to centuries-old traditions, they continue to shape the landscape of Italian wine.

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