The Noble Green Wine School 2021


This year we will be embarking on a tour of the worlds wine region.

Episode 14 - Rioja
In this episode of NG Wine School, we are moving on from France to look at Spain and starting off in the north, with Rioja, just south inland of Bilbao.  You will learn about the main sub-regions in Rioja and a brief overview of its history. Phil will then talk you through as he tastes 3 examples of wine from Rioja.

Episode 13 - Loire
This is the final episode focused on France and is all about wine from the Loire Valley. Join Phil as he takes you through the main areas of the Loire Valley, a brief overview of the history and geography of wine production here and also three examples of wines from the region.

Episode 12 - Rhone
This week remains focused on France and Phil will be discussing the Rhône wine region. Join us to learn about the geography and the history of the Rhône and watch Phil try three wines from the region.

Episode 11 - Burgundy
Explore Burgundy with Noble Green WIne School! In this episode, Phil will take you through a brief history of Burgundy and some of the classic wine varieties from the region before going on to taste some of its notable wines.

Episode 10 - Bordeaux
One quick note before we start is I would recommend opening the reds a good hour before tasting: I always recommend letting wine breathe but I find it more important for Bordeaux than almost any other wine. If you haven't, its not the end of the world but try them again later and see if you can detect a difference- I think you will.

Episode 9 - USA
This week I wanted to start with a quick look at the history of winemaking in the USA – previously we saw that vines were first introduced by the Missionaries across the whole of the American continent in the 17th Century and that there was a later wave of new vines and winemaking during the gold rush in California in the 19th century.

Episode 8 - California
Welcome back to the eighth instalment of our blogs series that accompanies the Wine School Tour of the worlds wine regions, where today we start to look at the wine regions of California. In part one, we look at a bit of the history of this wine region and in part two we taste some of the wines from this region.
Part 1

Part 2

Episode 7 - Argentina
Welcome back to our second part of discovering what South America has to offer, and today we focus on the country of Argentina!

Episode 6 - Chile
Welcome back once again to our 6th instalment of the Noble Green Wine School Blog, where today we have hopped across the Atlantic Ocean and across the Andes to explore the North, South and Central areas of Chile’s wine regions.

Episode 5 - South Africa (Part 2)
Welcome back to our wine school blog and can you believe it’s the 5th episode already! Today we finish off what we started last time by covering the remaining few areas of South Africa’s wine regions as well as other important information we feel you should know about the countries wine industry.

Episode 4 - South Africa (Part 1)
Welcome back to the fourth instalment of our blogs series that accompanies the Wine School Tour of the worlds wine regions, where today we start to look at the wine regions of South Africa. In part one, we look at a bit of the history of wine in the rainbow nation as well as explore the West Coast regions that include Swartland, Constantia and Stellenbosch.

Episode 3 - New Zealand
Welcome back to our third blog of our Wine School Tour of the worlds wine regions where today we jump across the water from last week’s Australia to explore the many regions New Zealand has to offer. From the very top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, we will cover New Zealand’s most well-known areas like Marlborough and Hawkes Bay, all the way down to the lesser-known areas such as Nelson, Waikato, and Waiheke Island.

Episode 2 - Australia (Part 2)
Welcome back to our wine tour where we continue to explore the fantastic variety of wine regions Australia has to offer from Western Australia to Victoria and on to New South Wales.

Episode 1 - South Australia
When you think of Australian wine, what comes to mind? Full-bodied fruit bomb Shiraz and Oak-drenched Chardonnay, which conquered the UK in the eighties? Sunshine in a glass compared to the drier reds and slightly more austere styles from Europe, mostly France in the UK market, before this time.

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