Limited Parcel - Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2021


For the opening Limited Parcel of 2023, we thought what would be better than to perfectly time it with Valentine’s Day. So with that in mind we have found a wine that would both suit Valentine’s Day meals but also a stunning sunny day in Spring. This rose is light and delicate in flavour, with plenty of ripeness to give it a strong body. From Tuscany, Italy, this wine is available at a great one-off price of £13.50 a bottle.


About the wine:

This wine has been made by blending 50/50 Sangiovese grapes with Merlot grapes. Both being red grape varieties, this contributes strong red fruit flavours and textured mouthfeel. The vineyard’s soils vary greatly but all are strewn with stony fragments which add mineral richness to the wines produced there. The vines are all trained following a spurred cordon style, which helps to control yield, thus enhancing the quality of the grapes. The two grape varieties were harvested within days of each other in September. Vinification occurred in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 12-16 degrees for 25/30 days. The wine was then aged for 3 months in stainless-steel vats.

Light and pale in colour, this wine is delicate and beautifully made. On the nose light wild strawberries, elderflower and violet notes showcase. On the palate, the attack is delicate with good acidity that gives the wine a sense of freshness and persistence. This is the perfect wine for a Valentine's Day meal or to enjoy in the sun on a spring day.


About the Producer:

The Barone Ricasoli wine estate is one of the four oldest estates in the world, with a history that dates back nearly a thousand years. The estate is still run by the same family and has changed little since the day it started producing wine. Records from the 1600s detail the first exports of wines to England. The recent movement of the estate has been towards sustainability, with a focus on soil studies, and clonal selection. Mainly known for their exceptional red wines, this producer has had many years of practice and that is shown through this outstanding wine.

The weather conditions of 2021 in Italy were quite unusual so threw up some curveballs. There were late frosts in April, which can have a detrimental impact on the vines. In addition, there were droughts in the summer months, which led to the early ripening of the grapes. Despite these conditions, the vines yielded healthy grapes and the quality was excellent.

There are only 30 bottles available of the 2021 Ricasoli Albia at a price of £13.50 a bottle so don’t hang about, grab a bottle before they go.

A beautifully delicate Italian rose at a truly unbeatable price.

Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2021