Biodynamic Argentinian Rosé Limited Parcel


Chakana Nuna Vineyard Rose 2021

We have a specially priced limited parcel of a delicious, dry and fruity, biodynamic Argentinian rosé from the heart of Mendoza. Chakana since their foundation 20 years ago have always had sustainability at their heart and are now the leading Demeter certified biodynamic winery in Argentina.

Away from pale Provence (as much as we love it) and over to Argentina which also produces some excellent rosés, and not just from Malbec! Chakana’s Nuna Vineyard rosé is mostly Syrah, bolstered by Malbec, and with a little Tannat (another South-West French grape that has found a new home in South America) and is full of lovely ripe red fruit tannins and lots of refreshing crisp acidity. Whole bunch pressed, partially co-fermented, minimal use of sulphites, and bottled straight away to preserve all those aromas and that freshness. Fruity rosés are highly versatile when pairing with foods so try with salmon, barbecues and spicier curries.

A bit about the vineyard, the Nuna Vineyard, which is located just south of the River Mendoza and east of the Cordón del Plata mountain range sitting at around 3000 ft above sea level with loamy soils, a dry and sunny climate and with hot days and cold nights – perfect for grape growing. And when you have a climate and terroir like this minimal intervention just makes sense, with Chakana being one of only nine Demeter certified wineries in Argentina, completely organic certified, and make use of spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts in the winery. It therefore is apt that Chakana is the native Inca name for the Southern Cross constellation that used to govern their agricultural calendar.

In a nutshell:
Biodynamic, fresh, dry and fruity Argentinian rosé from the heart of Mendoza.

The lowdown:
Chakana Wines' Finca Nuna estate at only 80 hectares is certainly not big by Argentinian standards and the entire ethos since its inception 20 years ago has been about sustainability and respect for the environment with it being certified organic and one of only nine Demeter certified wineries in Argentina. Good healthy grapes in a healthy environment always show their quality in the bottle, and so it is with this delicious fruity rosé. A blend of Syrah, Malbec and Tannat there are pronounced fresh aromas of strawberry, red cherry and slight floral notes that lead onto a dry, fruity palate with loads of red fruit flavours, a hint of tannin, and lots of refreshing acidity. Perfect for the summer!

When to drink:
Great with barbecues, works particularly well with slightly spicier foods and Asian cuisine, salmon and also mezze.

Suitable for Vegans, Biodynamic

Chakana Nuna Vineyard Rose 2021