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Curious Case - December 2020


Every month we put together a limited number of mystery cases filled with six wines which we feel are seasonally-appropriate, exciting and somewhat unusual. Be assured, they will always represent great value for money.

For our second Curious Case, we've put together a selection which is a little bit different when it comes to substituting many of your classic winter wines. A well made Californian chardonnay instead of the usual white Burgundy, a hearty Italian red rather than the same old claret and a fantastic English sparkling Wine to replace the celebratory Champagne.

Having this case doesn't mean you shouldn't buy your traditional drinks, it is just here to add some excitement to the festivities. The common theme is that they're good choices for this time of year, they're all very drinkable and easy to appreciate and are good value for money.

The case is worth about £100 at retail but will only cost you £85 and we will deliver it free of charge, even nationwide.

Once you've received your case you can crack on with the wines immediately, or wait and taste them with us live on Instagram, on the 15th of December, when we reveal them.

Included in your case will be a small booklet, including the descriptions of the wines that we have chosen, along with a QR code, which will take you through to a secured blog page, only for those of you who have bought the case, where you will find some extra content that we have put together about the wines.

We almost forgot - we will also be sending you a coupon for a further 10% discount that can be used when purchasing any of the wines included in the case so that you can top up on the ones that you really liked.

How it works -
1. You purchase a case.
2. We will send you an email to confirm your purchase.
3. Week commencing 8th December we will ship your case to you.
4. On the 15th December tune in to Instagram to watch our video reveal and taste the wines with us.

We recommend ordering before the 8th of December to guaranty delivery/ collection before the video reveal on the 15th. However, the case will still be available to purchase up until the 15th, subject to availability of the wines.

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