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Embracing Sustainability in Every Sip!

Step into the world of Olivier Coste, a passionate winemaker from the enchanting landscapes of the Languedoc in the South of France. Since his childhood, Olivier’s playground has been the family vineyards and wine cellar at Domaine Montrose, a wine estate steeped in history since 1701 in Pézenas.


Growing up surrounded by the terroir and vine-covered hills, Olivier developed a profound connection to the land and its wines. Today, he and his team are on a mission to preserve the Languedoc’s terroir and ensure a sustainable future.

Sip with a Purpose: The LANGUEDOC STARS Range

Discover the LANGUEDOC STARS range, a collection crafted to (re)introduce traditional varietals from the South of France, some of which are on the verge of disappearing. For instance, the Carignan Blanc, with only 250 hectares left worldwide, is revived through old vines and traditional cultivation methods.


Sustainable Practices: A Commitment to Mother Earth

At Domaine Montrose, sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a way of life. From vine to bottle, every step is taken with the planet in mind:

1. Zero Carbon Emission: All wines are carbon neutral, with 100% of emissions offset by financing green projects.

2. Sustainable and Organic Farming: Mechanical tools replace chemical herbicides, pheromones replace pesticides, and grape pomace acts as natural fertiliser.

3. Biodiversity Preservation: Over 2000 trees have been planted, and the wilderness is protected and nurtured.

4. Lighter Glass: Environmentally friendly, lightweight bottles reduce energy consumption.


Taste the Commitment: Enjoy 10% Off Olivier Coste Wines!

This month, indulge in wines that not only captivate your palate but also reflect a commitment to sustainability. Throughout November, take 10% of all Olivier Coste wines and join us in savouring the flavours of the South of France with a conscience.
Visit our website or drop by the shop to explore this exquisite collection and be a part of the journey toward a better, greener future. Cheers to sustainable sips!

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