Waterford Whisky


Terroir isn't just for wine
as Mark Reynier's newest venture amply demonstrates.

You need only a fleeting familiarity with the world of Scotch Single Malts to know of Bruichladdich. This esteemed Islay distillery was revived in 2001 under the guidance of the visionary Mark Reynier with a singular philosophy revolving around the use of only locally sourced barley in the production of its exceptional spirits. So impressive was Bruichladdich's success that it was acquired by the Rémy Cointreau drinks conglomerate in 2012, a testament to the quality of its offerings.

For Mark Reynier, a man with a wealth of experience and interests in the drinks world, whisky holds a special place in his heart and was something he was naturally drawn back to. It was with alacrity therefore that he embraced the opportunity to begin distilling in Ireland. So Waterford Whisky was born, a passion project that is yielding equally exceptional results.

Whereas for most distillers the source of their raw material - the barley - is of little concern at Waterford it's absolutely central. Mark is as passionate about the concept of terroir (or téireoír to give it an Irish slant) as any Bordeaux Château. The range is built around single malts where the barley has been sourced from specific farms in Ireland and the fascination lies in the differences in the end results. For example, Hook Head from a South Wexford farm lying on the coast with thin soils and a harsh climate is spicy with a touch of sweetness, whereas Grattansbrook from fertile County Kildare has a real depth of flavour with hints of chocolate and vanilla. The difference derives from the particular soils, geology, climate and farming practices where each crop is grown.

Waterford's whiskies are a fascinating range made by expert distillers using top-class ingredients and we're really pleased to have them on our shelves.

Waterford Single Malt Irish Whisky

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