Wine glass travel with February's Curious Case


When I first heard about Noble Green’s Curious Case for February, the theme piqued my interest even more than usual. ‘Exotic Wine Destinations’. For almost a year, armchair travel has been the closest I’ve got to a long-haul flight. Travel plans were abandoned, visions of palm trees were quashed and the suitcase remained on top of the wardrobe.

But I’ve found there is a mode in which to travel – in a way. And that’s through a wine glass. OK, so we’re not in a piazza in Venice or on the beaches of St. Tropez, but turn the heating up, find a bistro soundtrack on Spotify and pour yourself a glass.

One single glass of wine speaks to our senses, just as travel does. We breathe in the aromas: lavender; honey; sea spray. We’re in Provence! Ripe fruit; dark chocolate; spice. We’re in Chile! In one glass we are experiencing a place, a time, the people and the culture.

I especially liked the theme of this case because, as humans, we can all get a little too comfortable. Comfortable in the clothes we wear, where we sit on the sofa, who we see (or don’t see) in our day to day lives. Comfortable in the food we eat and the wines we choose. The great thing about going on holiday is being forced out of our comfort zones and returning to our lives exhilarated and inspired. We’ve seen new people tasted new foods, heard new music. ‘Exotic Wine Destinations’ sounds like something exciting.

The word ‘exotic’ is enticing enough in itself. Exotic is something different, something unusual. Exotic might even be a little scary because it’s the unknown. I’m ready for something out-of-the-ordinary, something unfamiliar – aren’t you?!

On Thursday 25th February, I unveiled the contents of the Curious Case with Csaba on the Noble Green Instagram Live. Why not join us for the world tour and drink along? I can’t wait to have you along on the trip!

By Sofia Longhi Insta - @skinandpulp