Curious Case - November 2020


The Curious Case Selection

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When we selected the wines for this first case, we aimed to create a somewhat exciting selection which can be enjoyed on a sunny November afternoon in the garden, as well as by the fire covered in warm blankets after a delicious roast dinner.

It is a mixture of old classics and a few new wave ‘craft wines’ made using biodynamic principals. You will find some well-known grape varieties and regions in there as well as a couple of lesser-known ones too. The common theme here is that they are all excellent value for money and usually real crowd-pleasers as well.

Enjoy them!

If you missed the video reveal, don't stress, we've got you covered!

Judith Beck Weissburgunder

In a nutshell: A biodynamic, fruity and very slightly off-dry white from Burgenland in South-East Austria.
The lowdown: Weissburgunder, or Pinot Blanc as it's known outside of German-speaking countries, is the grape variety here and is seen quite a bit in this region. Judith Beck herself has been farming biodynamically here since 2007 and this wine is her flagship white and has been a great advert for her over the years. It's really lively and clean, full of ripe fruit and plenty of floral aromas which the slight off-dry nature really brings to the fore.
When to drink: It's a pretty versatile wine and good drinking at any time. Great when nicely chilled as an aperitif, it also matches really well with gently spicy dishes.

Wairau River Albarino

In a nutshell: An elegant, gently floral and fruity white from Marlborough in New Zealand.
The lowdown: While Albariño is a native of Galicia in north-west Spain the Rose family of Wairau River have done a really good job with it in the new world homeland of Sauvignon Blanc. Wairau River grows a number of varieties but we think this Albarino really stands out. It has lovely floral aromas with peach, pear and lemon notes standing out and a soft and fresh palate where the peach and ripe lemon flavours really shine. It's all backed up with clean acidity and bright, refreshing finish.
When to drink: A great Kiwi takes on a Spanish classic, it's perfect when accompanied with things like pan-fried seabass.

Domaine Desire Petit Chardonnay Le Grapiot, Arbois

In a nutshell: A deliciously mineral 'No Sulphites' Chardonnay, lightly oaked and with bags of character and personality that hails from the Jura region of eastern France.
The lowdown: The small wine-producing Jura region of eastern France sits between Burgundy and the Swiss border and lately it's been enjoying a well deserved period of prominence with Chardonnay proving to be one of its most successful grape varieties. Indeed, while quite modestly priced this wine bears favourable comparison with much more highly-priced Burgundies. They use fruit from 50-year-old vines which is fermented and aged in new oak foudres without filtering, racking or the addition of sulphites. Essentially it's just left to mature in its own time with nature doing the rest. The outcome is wonderfully fresh, precise and tidy and is a great example of a wine where the fruit, minerality and subtle oak all sit in a satisfying harmony.
When to drink: It makes a perfect aperitif, and for food pairing, it's made to go with stuff fresh from the sea - a generous basket of fruits de mer being just the thing.

Musar Jeune Rouge

In a nutshell: A bright fruit-forward red from Lebanon's famous Chateau Musar.
The lowdown: An unoaked blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon this wine is meant for drinking relatively young when compared to their other cuvées. Full of fresh primary fruit flavours of blackcurrants and cherries and with a silky texture it's very pleasurable drinking while retaining the essential Musar style.
When to drink: Unfined and unfiltered it's suitable for vegans. Try with grills, roasts or casseroles.

La Bicicleta Voladora, Rioja

In a nutshell: A smooth and fruity modern unoaked style of Rioja.
The lowdown: Made under the guidance of German Blanco of Quinta Milu, their first vintage was in 2015. His wines are about the grapes and how to get the fruit character expressed to the full and see the freshness and brightness come through on the smooth body and silky tannins.
When to drink: This is a highly drinkable, organic Rioja that's great with grilled fish and meat and can be served just slightly below room temperature.

Tommasi Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore

In a nutshell: A rich and spicy Valpolicella Ripasso from a respected producer.
The lowdown: Valpolicella Ripasso is young Valpolicella is refermented on the unpressed skins of Amarone wines. The result is quite a different animal to regular Valpolicella being altogether deeper and intense. Tommasi's voluptuously rich and spicy with hints of black pepper alongside the luscious raisined character. While full-bodied and intense with sweet cherry flavours running through, it's very well balanced.
When to drink: An opulent, velvety smooth wines that is great to drink alongside mature cheeses or fine patés.