Curious Case - March 2022 - Italy Top to Toe


Suppose you've been following our Wine School series. In that case, you'll know that we have been concentrating on Italy for the last couple of episodes and will be continuing to do so for a couple more (5 Italian episodes in total). So continuing from this in-depth tour of Italy, we have decided to give you a snapshot view of Italian wines from 'Top to Toe' in this month's Curious Case.

Starting at the 'Top', in the North East of Italy, just 50km from Venice, we have an excellent organic example of this white grape variety from an estate specialising in top-notch prosecco. Next, we move to the North West of Italy, Piedmont, where we introduce you to a satisfyingly complex but perfectly approachable style of Piedmontese red. Then, starting our descent, we come to Central Italy, where we have an organic, fresh, crisp and layered Italian white from the hills of the Marche region near the Adriatic coast. Just down from this in the hilly area of Arquata and Colcimino, famous since ancient times for the high quality of oil and wine is a complex and intriguing Italian red from one of Umbria's historic cellars. Over to Sardinia now, with a winery that aims to reflect the characteristic Sardinian terroir and show this in the nature of their wines, we have a full-flavoured, multi-dimensional yet crisp and refreshing, unoaked red. Finally, at the 'Toe' of Italy, we've made it to Sicily, where our chosen producer was one of the first families to begin making high-quality table wine when sales of the traditional Marsala started to decline, championing the potential of the region's native grape to produce a deliciously different soft and spicy Sicilian red.


Case Contents

La Jara Organic Pinot Grigio 2020
Poderi Parpinello 'Ala Blanca' Vermentino di Sardegna 2020
Ciu Ciu 'Merlettaie' Pecorino, Offida 2020
Alasia Langhe Nebbiolo 2018
Donnafugata Sherazade 2019
Adanti Arquata Montefalco Rosso 2016

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