Curious Case February 2024, Leap Year Wonders


2024 sees another leap year coming around, so we thought we’d take this as inspiration for our February Curious Case with particular emphasis being on the word ‘Leap’. Are you ready to dive in with us?

What we’re going to do is tempt you to make a ‘leap into the dark’ and try some wines which you might not ordinarily think of.

On our shelves we’ve got wines from all over the world, made from all sorts of grape varieties. Take Malbec from Argentina, or Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Well, we’re not short of those, and they’re unfailingly popular, but what about Voskehat from Armenia, or a Kratosija/Vranec blend from Macedonia? We’ve got lovely examples of these and plenty more besides. The challenge for us is to coax people to step outside their comfort zone and give some of these sorts of thing a try. It’s our job to highlight the less familiar and blow the trumpet for them a bit.

Make no mistake, your Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs are always likely to be top of the pops, and quite right too. But there’s a whole load of lesser know gems out there which add a whole new dimension and often without being too hard on the pocket.

So what we’ve done this month is put together a collection of some of our wines from off the beaten track, but still at the usual Curious Case price tag of £90. Which averages out at a mere £15 per bottle – great value for some of the gems it contains.

£90.00 per case
Free delivery, or collect from the shop.

What's in it?
As usual the contents of The Curious Case remain a mystery until the end of the month. Nonetheless, we would like to offer some tantalizing hints to whet your appetite and ignite your inquisitive spirit. Are you curious?

#1 A juicy and bright red blend of merlot and a Balkan variety related to Zinfandel.

#2 A ripe and spicy middle eastern red which is a blend of 4 French varieties

#3 A spicy and supple South American red, but it’s not from Chile or Argentina

#4 A silky single varietal from the Balkans that’s full of character

#5 An elegant and complex central European white made from its country’s signature grape

#6 A crisp and tropical white from an island in the Atlantic.

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