Curious Case - February 2022 - Full-Blooded February


With spring yet to show its head February is a month where generous and big-hearted wines are still the sort of thing to settle down with in front of the fire (or more likely the TV). Also for those of us who’ve been a bit abstemious through January permitting ourselves a little bit more indulgence surely can’t be too bad.

So, for this month our Curious Case selections are looking at some of our a fuller bodied wines. That’s not to say we’ve picked a bunch of big bruisers, but rather ones that have plenty of layers of flavour and texture making them pleasingly warming and comforting. Ones that make good pairings with heartier winter recipes and also hit the spot nicely for (hopefully) the last month of winter evenings.

Case Contents
Lirac, Moulin des Chenes
Domaine Bessa Valley Enira
Verso Rosso
Chateau Mourgues du Gres 'Galets Dores' Blanc
Bodega Tajinaste Listan Blanco, Tenerife
Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc

Full-Blooded February Curious Case