Curious Case - Picnic Perfect


Every month we put together a limited number of mystery cases filled with six wines which we feel are seasonally appropriate, exciting and somewhat unusual. Be assured, they will always represent great value for money.

As you know by now, our Curious Cases are always built around a specific theme. As the days are getting longer and longer, the weather is nicely warming up and the lockdown rules are easing (slowly but surely), May’s Curious Case couldn’t be anything but picnic wines.

When you hear the term ‘Picnic Wines’ you might think about cheap and cheerful wines or bag in a box, well think again. In our minds good wine goes with every occasion and picnics are no exception. Therefore we’ve selected half a dozen exciting wines which will go with various food options but are also great on their own. We’ve made sure that every bit of this selection is easy to drink and easy to open too - yes, it’s happened to us as well, we’ve left corkscrews behind.

So let’s get those picnic rugs and hampers out and meet in the park for a wine picnic this May because this case is ‘Picnic Perfect’!

The case is worth about £100 at retail but will only cost you £85 and we will deliver it free of charge, even nationwide.

Once you've received your case you can crack on with the wines immediately, or wait and taste them with us live on Instagram, on the 13th of May, when we reveal them.

We almost forgot - we will also be sending you a coupon for a further 10% discount that can be used when purchasing any of the wines included in the case so that you can top up on the ones that you really liked.

How it works -
1. You purchase a case.
2. We will send you an email you a private blog URL and coupon code.
3. On the 13th of May tune in to Instagram to watch our video reveal and taste the wines with us.

Get Your Case: