Earth Day Every Day: How This Wine Supports Rewilding Efforts in the Douro Valley


Earth Day:Symbolism

Earth Day rolls around on April 22nd each year, prompting us to think about our relationship with the planet. It's a chance to consider our actions and the legacy we leave behind. Of course, empty words and grandstanding achieve little. Real change comes from businesses making tangible, responsible choices. That's the approach that’s refreshing about Symington Family Estates.

Centuries of Tradition, Modern Responsibility

These winemakers have roots in Portugal's Douro Valley stretching back centuries. They don't just talk about tradition, they live it. But they also recognize the need to evolve. For them, sustainability isn't a buzzword - it's about action. They've become leaders in organic farming, reducing waste and water use, and promoting biodiversity in the vineyards. It's a constant quest to balance their craft with protecting the land it relies upon.

A Partnership, Not a Label

This commitment takes a powerful form in their Altano Rewilding Edition Douro Tinto. A portion of the profits doesn't vanish into vague eco-projects - it directly funds Rewilding Portugal's work on the ground. They're replanting trees, restoring habitats, and giving the region's wildlife a fighting chance. This isn't charity, it's stewardship.

Quality Meet Purpose

And what of the wine itself? Bold, rich, and undeniably from the Douro. By choosing this bottle, you're not just making a gesture, but supporting a model where quality and environmental responsibility go hand-in-hand. It's a reminder that on Earth Day, and the days that follow, enjoying the fruits of the land and protecting its future can work in harmony.

Altano Rewilding Edition Douro Tinto 2021

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