Garage Wine Co.


Garage Wine Co. are the champions of traditional, local growers.

Canadian ex-ski coach, Derek Mossmann Knapp, is the enfant terrible of the Chilean wine scene. He set up Garage Wine Co. with his wife Pilar Miranda and Dr. Alvaro Pena in 2001 with the intention of being the polar opposite to the big, established companies that dominate the Chilean market.

Derek sources his grapes from a variety of local growers, and the resulting wines are as diverse as the people who grew them. Each parcel of grapes is vinified separately, producing tiny quantities of wine. And you can taste this diversity in each separate bottle. To distinguish the wines, they are each labelled with an individual 'Lot' number determined by its parcel and vintage.

These concentrated, juicy, complex and elegant wines are a real testament to modern Chilean winemaking. And not only do they taste incredible but they do good, supporting local communities and reviving a local industry of grape growing that would otherwise have been lost to large cooperatives.

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