Vivacious Viognier – A Remarkable Renaissance


This captivating variety now finds expression in vineyards far and wide.

For International Viognier Day, we’re celebrating a grape that has staged an extraordinary comeback since its dark days in the 1960s. Once languishing in obscurity, with only a handful of vineyards clinging to existence in the Rhône, Viognier has blossomed into a global sensation.

While France remains its undisputed homeland, California has risen as a significant contender. This transatlantic contrast provides a fascinating context for exploring the grape's stylistic spectrum, which we've highlighted in our Duo Pack.

Rhône Finesse: Mineral & Structured
From the Rhône Valley comes a classic white blend where Viognier plays the starring role. The region's weathered soils impart a signature minerality, while a touch of oak aging lends depth and spice. Here, Viognier expresses a balance of floral exuberance, stone fruit richness, and a subtly savoury edge. Les Hauts du Monteillet showcases the timeless elegance of Viognier from its ancestral home.

California Sunshine: Fruit-Forward & Expressive
From California's sunny vineyards comes a pure, unoaked expression of Viognier. Bursting with aromas of ripe peaches and honeysuckle, this wine captures the warmth of its origin. It showcases the generous fruit character that California's climate fosters. Cline Cellars North Coast California Viognier provides a vibrant counterpoint highlighting the impact of terroir and stylistic choices on Viognier's profile.

Taking these together in our 'Duo Pack' offers a captivating journey into Viognier's diverse facets. And by tasting them side by side, you'll witness the influence of climate, soil, and winemaking on a single, remarkable grape. Time to raise a glass to Viognier's astonishing re-birth.

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