Tasting Season & Wine School


After a ‘long dry’ period in Noble Green our Spring & Summer Tasting Season is starting again in mid March with many exciting tasting events and something new for serious local wine lover…

Lately more and more people showed interest in learning about wines and when I say learning, I mean actually studying in a bit more structural way, sort of how we all did when we went on the gain our qualifications. So, we decided that starting a ‘Wine School’ is a good idea.

Phil Appleby, our newest member of staff got the opportunity to head these tastings up and since he was doing this for a living before we can expect some entertaining and informative curriculum for this course. We planned three lessons for those who interested, all which stand on their own individually as well as together for those who are really keen to know a lot.

The first Wine School event is scheduled for 21st April and it will focus on winemaking and how that effects on the actual juice in the bottle. The second lesson will be exactly a month later on 21st May which will discuss certain grape varieties and how they became the ‘international’ ones, and how others nearly disappeared from earth. On the third and final lesson on 18th June Phil will give you an insight into the life of a sommelier and explain the do’s don’ts of food and wine pairing.

As you can imagine the whole tasting season isn’t just made up from the three ‘Wine School’ events, in fact this is going to be the busiest season in the history of the shop with an extra seven tastings before, after and in between lessons. We have invited certified wine educators, a wine importer, an ex-sommelier, a wine journalist and a couple of winemakers as well – one of them who is also a Master of Wine – to talk to you about amazing wines from all over the world.

We are excited and hope you are too…